Wednesday 3 February 2010

Random News

I have been far too distracted with Facebook to attend to the Beat Frequency blog of late. Mea culpa.

Here's the Beat Frequency Facebook page.

And here's a bunch of news. Firstly joining Facebook has led to a gig, which will be announced formally once they have a website in place for it. It's a themed charity fund raising party in aid of prostate cancer at Jamm in Brixton, on Saturday the 20th of March. The theme is "The Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

But before then, I'm going to another of Lydia Kavina's workshops in Oxford on Saturday. This one is sold out, but keep an eye on Theremin UK News for announcements of future ones.

And on Sunday week I'm joining in The Synth-Off, an improvisational synthesizer circle at The Foundry. Here's the Facebook event page.

And there's another Sonic Weekend coming up, and some other interesting things in progress, but they're not definite yet - you'll hear about them if and when.

And my next album is with White Label music and will be coming out on CD soonish.

Just to tease you, here's the track listing and some album art from the very marvellous Alex Bertram-Powell. A skilled thereminist and maker of wonderful drawings.

CD Title: Psilocyren

Dance Of The Flower Pot Men
Gently Drowning
Boundary Logic
Chikhai Bardo
Dark Lizard (ft. Another Mystic)
The New Consonance
Point Of Collapse (for Caché Vidja. vox: HK)
Night Shift
The Loss Of Small Things

On a similar theme, Hands Off 2009 was great! The first of THREE! albums recorded during the weekend is also with White Label for physical release. (The other two will probably be free releases, after the first is out.)

Oh, and I have a big upgrade figured out for the etherwave, with theremin electronics wizard Thierry Frenkel, but that's now going to have to wait until I can be sure I don't have any gigs for a while, and until Thierry has done preparatory work so that he can send the theremin back to me quickly. 

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