Wednesday 29 October 2008

Exploding Head Sweater Guy


It's a little bit popular.

That video. The one in the previous post. When it occurred to me that you could do that, I did wonder if it had any viral mileage.

I've had a little tour of the blogs - Make Magazine (sorry - no links tonight - I'm off to bed in a minute - search if you must.) BoingBoing, MatrixSynth, Synthtopia and a bunch of others that were new to me. And...

If you have tracked me down from one of them, Hi!

Thank you to the blog that tagged my sweater. If I had known you were going to watch, I would have changed.

I am "some guy."

No, my head was not about to explode. But it was my favourite headline nonetheless.

Yes, I consider it unpleasant music too. Thank you for defending it as Noise, but it's not good Noise either. That's why I tagged the video as How-To rather than Music.

No, I didn't "invent" it. But thank you for putting the word in quotes to indicate your incredulity at something I didn't claim. Discovered, or perhaps better "re-discovered."

I liked "ingenious musician" - that was nice.

I thought it might work with mobile phones too. I'd be interested to see that. So instead of commenting that you already did that in a whiney, belittling way, please post a video response.

Now go watch some more of my vids. I think the others are way better.

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